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Prefectural Symbols

These symbols represent the many faces of Toyama.

Prefectural symbol
Established December 27, 1988
The Prefectural Symbol depicts the Tateyama Mountain Range with the Japanese character TO, the first character of “Toyama” imposed on the foreground. It represents Toyama’s upward reach and progression.

Prefectural Flower: Tulip
Established March 22, 1954
At the end of April, large stretches of the countryside, especially around the Tonami region, are transformed into a carpet of flowers. Recently the latest variety: Harutenshi has developed in Toyama bringing the total number of tulips developed in Toyama to twenty-eight.

Prefectural Bird: Ptarmigan
Established November 3, 1961
The ptarmigan (special natural treasure) is a mountain bird found in Japan’s Northern Alps. These birds have been revered since ancient times as the messengers of the gods of Tateyama.

Prefectural Tree: Tateyama Cedar
Established October 1, 1966
Tateyama cedars grow naturally in the high country around the Tateyama Range. These noble trees are known for their ability to endure sever cold and snow.

Prefectural Animal: Japanese Antelope
Established October 4, 1975
The Japanese Antelope (special natural treasure) inhabits forests and rocky areas at altitudes between 500 and 2000 meters. In Toyama Prefecture, these animals can often be seen in the Tateyama Range and Kurobe Gorge. Its silent, stoic figure is a worthy symbol of Toyama’s citizens.

Prefectural Marine Life: Yellowtail
Established October 12, 1996
Known as the King of Toyama Bay, this fish’s name changes with each stage of its life. “Kan-buri”, the yellowtail caught in the coldest season, having just the right balance of fat and caught just before spawning season is a especial delicacy.

Prefectural Marine Life: White Shrimp
Established October 12, 1996
Toyama boasts the only fishing waters in the world for white shrimp. Lauded as the jewel of Toyama Bay, these faint, translucent, deep-sea dwelling pink shrimp are worthy of their name.

Prefectural Marine Life: Firefly Squid
Established October 12, 1996
These squid migrate through Toyama Bay from March to June to spawn. Called the enigma of Toyama Bay, this mysterious squid glows with a blue-white light in the darkness of the sea.

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