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Toyama, a comfortable place to live

Being ranked number one in Japan for home ownership and household size speaks for itself as to Toyama's standard of living. With roads stretching to nearly every corner of the prefecture, and a low outbreak of fires, Toyama offers its residents the finest living environment.

Additionally, due to a large percentage of dual income homes and working women, total household income for Toyama residents is one of the foremost in the nation. The people of Toyama are diligent workers and put great value in family and community relationships while actively pursuing the new and unknown.

Scattered Houses on the Tonami Plains
Farmhouses surrounded by kainyo groves of trees dot the landscape, otherwise dominated by rice paddies. This is a glimpse into the past and how people used to live.

Toyama-Style Day Care Service
From infants to the elderly, regardless of disabilities, care services in a home environment are offered to all people in their neighborhoods. This style of day care was initiated by Toyama citizens and is spreading all over the country.

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