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Educational Environment & Cultural Activities


To help to nurture Japan's next generation of leaders, Toyama provides students with a solid educational foundation which aims to promote individual talents, creativity, and liveliness. In order to meet human resource development demands of local society, we are also concentrating our efforts on enriching the function of higher education, in addition to promoting regional historical and cultural education to bring Toyama residents closer to their roots.

As an applicant for turning the "Modern Takaoka Cultural Assets" and "Tateyama-Kurobe Region" into UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Toyama Prefecture promotes research into the identification of cultural assets as important cultural assets or historical sites, in addition to making and supporting initiatives involved in the promotion of these sites inside and outside of Toyama.

Toyama Science Olympics
The gToyama Science Olympicsh are an opportunity for children to develop their abilities and potential, by increasing their curiosity towards scientific fields, improving their problem solving skills, and their ability to think scientifically and logically.

Gokayama Gassho-style Houses
The Gassho-style houses of Gokayama were named as Japan's fourth World Heritage Site in 1995. People still live in these houses which are nestled deep in the mountains and noted for their thatched roofs.

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