Floor Plan

From the life in old days to the outbreak of damage and until now, they are introduced along the flow of time

The water system map and large image of the Jinzugawa River on the floor invite you into the exhibit room.
We look back at the lifestyles utilizing water from the Jinzugawa River
We follow the path of the disease, from unusual damage such as poor growth of rice, to the suffering of victims with the "disease of unknown causes" and their families.
We introduce you to the history of the cause investigation, the lawsuit by residents and the agreement with the causing company responsible.
We explain the process and conditions for victims’ certification, and the implementation of health exams of basin residents in an easy-to-understand manner.
We introduce the efforts and results of cleaning the polluted Jinzugawa River and farmland and reclaiming their past beauty.
We introduce the latest environment policies that lead to actions valuing environment and health.
Looking back at the history of Itai-Itai Disease, visitors can leave messages about their impressions of the exhibits.

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